Especially in remote locations where hotspots could find it difficult to maintain a strong connection, fiber internet service is more widely available and reliable than hotspots.

Unlimited Data

Since fiber internet offers unlimited bandwidth, you can browse, download, and stream without being concerned about exceeding data caps or experiencing slower speeds. Unlike hotspot plans, which usually slow down to unusable speeds once you reach the data cap, our plans offer unlimited data.

Customer Support

A seamless and smooth experience will be provided by Nunn Telephone, a local business offering dedicated customer care and specialists who can assist with any issues. With a mobile hotspot, you won’t have a lot of support for troubleshooting except for taking it into the carrier’s store during business hours.


Whether it’s during high usage hours or bad weather, fiber internet consistently provides uninterrupted connectivity, making it more dependable than hotspots. Weather, indoor dead zones, and network congestion continue to cause disruptions to hotspots.


Compared to hot spots, fiber internet offers far higher rates and is necessary for numerous users, assuring lag-free and seamless gaming, streaming, and browsing experiences.

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