Learn how you can receive support for Nunn Telephone Company’s services.

Let Us Help You!

At Nunn Telephone Company, we strive to offer the highest quality of home phone and high-speed rural internet services. We also know that taking care of our customers means giving them fast, courteous, and timely support if technical issues arise. If you are experiencing issues with any of your Nunn Telephone Company services and require additional support, please contact our office and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Phone Service Technical Support


Internet Service Technical Support


After Hours: 1-866-270-8334

Satellite Service Technical Support


Voicemail Retrieval Support

To retrieve messages from home, Dial *96, the voice prompts will lead you through the process of retrieving the messages. You will be able to access messages when away from home by dialing 970-897-MAIL (6245). The voice prompt will ask for your mailbox which is your 7 digit phone number. It will then ask for your password, which will default to 0000 on new accounts, but will ask you to change.

Other Support Services