Simply put, a managed router service is a fully managed solution to keep your high-speed internet network running smoothly with remote maintenance and support for your home wi-fi networks. Nunn Telephone company is excited to offer managed wi-fi to our northern Colorado customers.

Why Add Managed Wi-Fi to my Internet Plan?

Additional devices are being connected and people are streaming more media in homes, and it’s putting your Wi-Fi to the test. Managed Wi-Fi allows the team at Nunn Telephone Company to remotely troubleshoot and improve network performance, utilizing cloud-based monitoring and administrative tools. With our managed wi-fi router service, we will ensure you receive router upgrades so your network performs optimally and improves your network traffic and bandwidth across multiple locations.

What Kind of Router is Used?

The GigaSpire BLAST u4 router is small and stylish and includes the latest integrated hardware security with automatically updated software security to ensure a safe and secure subscriber experience.

Sign up for Nunn Telephone Company’s managed router with Wi-Fi Protection Plan for only $10.00 a month.